About us

About the Artist:

Owner and Designer Hannah Jane begin aspiring art at a very young age and found It had always seemed to be a part of her. Creating her first painting at three years old, and first fashion design at 8 she continued to grow her artistic background. Hannah Jane received her BA in Apparel and Merchandising with a minor in business at Colorado State University. Focusing on apparel and textile design, product development, sustainability, social responsibility, sourcing, promotion, global distribution, the scientific aspects of the apparel industry, and much more.  

Hannah Jane is an artist working across all mediums including fashion design, paint, canvas works, photography, styling, etc. She does not limit herself and thrives on the ultimate goal of creating something out of nothing. Her main focus is creating one of a kind art-wear collections. Her favorite thing to create whether its in paint or constructed designs are animals. She believes that we each resonate with an animals spirit and can be defined by the characteristics they represent. 

Art of Hannah Jane is a sustainable artwear company creating one of a kind hand-painted and constructed designs. 

Through the use of thrown away or thrifted materials each piece is created embracing the importance of respecting the environment. 

Art of Hannah Jane creates wearable canvases. Pieces that can be deemed collectible and connect with the world. Pieces that can act as artwear and forever remain in your closet while holding value. High fashions emotional attributes with slow fashion values. 

Commonly known for the creation of animals on each of Hannah Janes designs, each piece has significant meaning. Whether it is the lion embracing courage and strength or the elephant signifying wisdom, the overall goal is to respect and celebrate the world living around us. Art of Hannah Jane designs embrace  wearing an animal without actually wearing the animal. Designs are constructed to embody and celebrate  the animal in its fullest. 

The Art of Hannah Jane fashions are one of a kind art wear items that are designed, hand painted, and or repurposed. Each item is carefully created and detail oriented, from color choices that evoke emotions, to each hand painted brush stroke. Known for her abstract lions, Art of Hannah Jane art wear evokes power and courage. 

Art of Hannah Jane has shown on Three New York runways. Two New York Fashion weeks as well as debuting with National Geographic.