Vintage Photoshoot.

Today I visited the 70s, 80s, and 90s mixing different eras in time at a fashion photoshoot for the Art of Hannah Jane vintage clothing collection. 


Model: Phoenix Lynn

There is something about prints from the past that really attract me. Whether it is a vibrant floral, a muted 70s geo, or a crazy lizard 90s pattern. None the same always different.

Todays photoshoot we focused on mixing pieces and patterns that typically wouldn't be matched together to create a unique kind of interest. When I do a photoshoot I like to go out and utilize my surroundings and the local businesses in my view. Incorporating and promoting not only my brand but those around me. 

Voodoo Doughnut was my first plan of attack. Needing to create that cliche girl with doughnut photograph. Not only did we get a unique grape flavored doughnut to match our vintage vibes BUT they gave us free doughnuts! You cannot go wrong with free doughnuts. Our bellys were full and our photos were completed. For that the Art of Hannah Jane thanks you. 

From floral jean jackets to lizard sweatpants Phoenix Lynn (model) and I completed our following tasks

Eat doughnuts - Check

Take some cool photos - Check 

Not get heat exhaustion on the hot summer day - Check 

We traveled back in time wearing some unique clothing, vibed and got the job done.  

It was truly a great day. 

From yours truly,

Hannah Jane. 



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