In the Name of Art

"She never looked normal. She looked like art; and art wasn't supposed to look normal; it is supposed to make you feel something" 

Choosing to live as an artist was one of the most self fulfilling and motivating choices I have ever made. Especially as a multimedia artist, as in my world limitations do not exist. 

As I have grown up, I have noticed as a human, we naturally decide what we can and cannot do. This may be due to our social surroundings, or our own self conscious nervous to give our ability to create a chance. The countless amount of times I have heard that a person is not artistic couldn't even be tallied. So tonight I am writing to all of you who have decided you cannot do something. Give yourself the chance to do and don't allow the "I can't" mentality to take a toll on you. Insert this mentality to anything in your life. I can promise you, it will add peace to your days. 

Pay no mind to negativity in this instance. Decide to live to enjoy your ability as a human to thrive. You are a living being, you were given a mind, and hands to mold something new. Trust what comes naturally. Trust what you create. 

"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong" 

 Personally my self limitation when it came to creativity was my ability to let go, and allow my hand to move and my mind to stay silent. So as I said, one day I decided to live as an artist, trust myself, trust my art, and the Art of Hannah Jane was created. So all I can say now is, trust you, trust your art, and create. 


Purple Homage

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