What is Eco-Fashion?

As provided by google, eco-fashion is: "clothing and other goods made from recycled materials or otherwise produced by methods that are not harmful to the environment."

The Art of Hannah Jane values the three R's. Reusing, Reintroducing, and Recreating. These three words have became the basis around creation within the Art of Hannah Jane styling, designing, creating, whatever it may be, everything thing provided is created from something. We do our absolute best to find objects, fabrics, etc. that have been discarded and give them a new life. This reintroduction allows the embrace of its sustainable features and eliminate its potential ability to be known as waste. 

Bringing clothing from past time to appreciate its value is extremely important to HJ. Considering the clothing industry is one of the biggest waste providers in the world, the Art of Hannah Jane understands the need to pay attention to that. 

So with that, Lets talk about a few of the pieces living that sustainable lifestyle that The Art of Hannah Jane was able to put back into the world. I have personally hand picked these items and quite frankly I think they are AMAZING. 

The Jennifer Rose Jean Jacket 

Model: Phoenix Lynne 

This floral Vivaldi denim jacket came straight from the 80s. Living for over 30 years, the Jennifer Rose has definitely lived a life and will continue to thrive as an eco-vintage fashion. 


The Lane Lizard Pants

Model: Phoenix Lynne

Also known as Surf Pants, men's streetwear, vintage streetwear, etc. These fun lizard print pants have lived since the 90s. They have a one of a kind pattern that truly makes them something special. 

As we reuse and recycle these fabulous pieces into our wardrobe we can appreciate the life they have lived and bring them back to life in our current daily wear. 

Their impact on the world not only promotes an environmental factor, but they are pretty dang cute! 


Bring some sustainability into your wardrobe 

Kindest regards, 

Hannah Jane 

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