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Hello Everybody! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday and have a relaxing Sunday! Currently it is 3:32 am and I am up writing to you as I am a night owl. (which is a habit i cannot seem to break) So I figure I might as well write you a little of my story. 

The Art of Hannah Jane has gone through quite a journey to get where it is today. But lets not get ahead of ourselves and start from the very beginning. 

As a kid I grew up in a creative household. I was supplied with all the arts and crafts I could dream of. Whether I was 5 years old coloring, or 13 years old creating weird nerd inspired paper dolls whom I named Marvin, Frederick, etc. Ya I was kind of weird. But the moral of the story is I was built to create. My father, my greatest supporter, and my mother ( follow her on social media @eleerickson, she is an incredible bridal stylist) allowed my mind to explore all the creative outlets I could think of. Soon when I was old enough to sew, my mom let me use her sewing machine, and the fashion shows on the farm begin. Oh ya, did i mention I grew up on a farm? Yep, I am a farm girl. Hannah Jane the cowgirl. Well not quite, I'm actually quite terrified of horses, but thats another story. 

As I grew older I begin to understand this is who I am. I am Hannah Jane, a multimedia artist. Once I graduated from high school I decided there was no waiting and i opened my business "Hannah Jane Fashions." I was figuring out my Niche with my business, I held home parties, shared my fashions at fairs. I was basically figuring out how to get my foot in the door. 

As time progressed, I begin studying sustainable fashion. This became a topic near and dear to my heart as sustainable fashion involve so many elements. Including: eco friendly fashion, working environments, environmental safety, and much more. There is so much involved with it, which I will discuss in a later blog post. But this pushed me to appreciate recycled fashions embracing the idea of remade, and reused. 

I begin to realize my creative ability desired making something out of anything or reintroducing vintage fashions. 

These ideas blossomed my new and existing name "Art of Hannah Jane". The idea that anything can be art, made the name feel right. 

So here we are. Present time June 11, 2017. I now have a website. My work is available 24-7. Every day I work more and more towards my dream. As an entrepreneur I put my all into this. This is who I am. 

This is The Art of Hannah Jane.

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